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Wazzyl 3D Prints Rebuild

Hello, my Friends,

Today you are hearing the announcement everyone has been waiting for - or, at least everyone has hoped for. We will rebuild the Wazzyl 3D Prints Community, Discord and Twitch Channels, a place where you can feel home for sure.
Before we jump into details, let me talk about what happened the last few days.
I've been trying to make a community for everyone to feel at home, along with the new Administration, Printer Upgrades, Stream Upgrades, I will be responsible for everything that follows from now on. Together with my current mods from the twitch streams we will lead this forum and bring the best of it. My work and dedication go towards the community. With your help and feedback, we are going to make minor changes and also major changes if they are required.

The Rebuild itself.

I Have my 3D Printing company and Computer Business, but as almost everyone knows I've been using WordPress and my forum was made with Asgaros Forums, An open-source code that you can use, the thing is it's that old that any hacker could hack the website, for that reason we actually have been moving to the software I use for years actually called MyBB. Since I was using Asgaros there were no Addons that I actually could use for the Forum, MyBB has all the options that we need. Think of a Gallery, friendly Forums and a list below here with all the updates we will make possible.

- Premium Account
With the Premium account, you will have a custom rank, a new tab on Forums and no Advertisement. But that is not the only thing, with Premium membership you will have more space for the gallery, unlimited downloads and you can design and edit your own profile with custom fields that we will set up for you.

- Gallery
The Gallery is for everyone that has made their own 3D Prints, 3D Printers, Software for 3D Printers, etc.

- Downloads
Downloads will only be available for the Premium Accounts.

- Marketplace
This feature is going to be something new to the community, you can sell your 3D Prints on our website and your 3D Printers. please keep it nice cause the admins of my community will check the posts.

The Return of a few friends

As if all of this news is not enough, we are happy to announce that a few friends from my warhood community are coming back to the administration team as a virtual part of our rebuild. After some discussions, we found an agreement with them and our forum warhood which will be joining forces with this community in order to be able to assist the aforementioned changes.

Last but not least, I would appreciate it if everyone gives us time to analyze the situation, gather feedback from the community and get to work. I am really excited and look forward to getting to know this community better.

Friendly Regards,


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