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Downloads, Gallery, Marketplace and many more cool features...

As the title says we are currently working on a new system for our forum, I was using plugins but they are all out of date and the owner quit the whole community. So basically I was nailed to the ground... But there is good news, I have found a solution with coding to create a new system for the forums with a custom Gallery, Downloads, Marketplace, Profile System and more... All the details I will explain below!

The Gallery:
We have 3 area's on the gallery, the gallery is free to use. the free version will remove images after 365 days, and for the premium accounts, we have a permanent place. Here below you can see the details.

Divine: 20 images (each user)
Prime: 80 images (each user)
Supreme: Unlimited (each user)

The Downloads page is only for Premium users, Divine, Prime and Supreme and some of the downloads can be premium cause we sell for example our modded pc case.

Everyone on the net is searching for a place to sell their items, well good news for the premium users on this community we will make a Marketplace for you, sell your items and earn the money and you can advertise for free!! The community allows 3D Prints, 3D Printers, Instructions etc...
But that's not the only thing, we allow people to sell their crafts, books and many more fantastic things. You can select Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Profile System:
Many of the Dutch people know the website called Hyves, it was a great place to create your personal designed Profile, choose colors, set backgrounds, create groups...
Well good news for you then, we are creating a system like this for everyone, even the free users will have an awesome profile, this creation we are making will take a few weeks to complete, so be patient.

Streaming Platform:
The streaming platform is just for everyone, here you can add/edit your stream on the website to promote yourself, same means for the Video Gallery.

I hope I have informed you with a few new updates for the website, when all of this is done you can start sharing your stream, creations and selling your items.


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